PesterMe allows you to create your own repeating nag message, that will popup as frequently as you want.

How to use:

Just type in your message and how often you want it to repeat, and then click OK.

PesterMe will sit in your tray and pop up a reminder with your custom message and play an obnoxiously loud sound, over and over, until you want it to stop. The alert sound is hard to ignore. It will get your attention!

The tray menu allows you to pause, exit, or reconfigure it with a different message and repeat time.

Great for:

  • General reminders.
  • Making sure you stay awake.
  • Remembering to baste the turkey.
  • Remembering to take your medication.
  • Bugging you till you stop procrastinating.
  • Reminding you that you should be working or studying.
  • Reminding someone how much you love them.
  • etc.


Released as part of the NANY 2007 New Apps for the New Year event.

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