Room Rules
Failure to observe the following rules may result in a muzzle, kick or ban (or a combination) at the descretion of the admins or host.

By entering the room, or wearing a TSC tag, you agree to the following:

1. No kiddie porn!! No exceptions!! No excuses will be accepted!! Penalty will be immediate and permanent ban from the room and we will forget you exist!!

2. No distribution of malware of any kind. This means viruses, trojans, rebooters, or any other software meant to do a computer or person or room any kind of harm. You are also not allowed to distribute these outside of the room or outside of WinMX, if you are a member. No deliberate crashing of any rooms anywhere on WinMX. All reports of such activity will be taken very seriously. Our room does not need that kind of reputation. Also, no using other script kiddie tools like flooders and such. People with a reputation for engaging in such activities will not be allowed in the room as guests, either, until it has been proven that they are totally reformed. This is a script kiddie free zone!

3. No abusing or insulting other people in the room. This means, but is not limited to, calling people names like "lamer", "idiot", "asshole", "moron", etc. No racist remarks either. Be nice to each other. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything. There are times when this will be when it is obvious to ALL that it was a joke.
This rule even applies to people that enter the room with the intent to cause trouble...don't give them any fuel by giving them the reaction they seek. Contact an admin or the host to take care of the problem.

4. No harassing people with 0 files. There is not a file sharing requirement to be in the room. Some of the best sharing is done through conversation...the relaying of information. Some people can't share, their ISP's have sharing blocked. Is it better to offer files people can't download or is it better to be honest about it and not offer anything at all? Also, some people are new and don't know how to share yet, or may be hosting a room and be unable to share.

5. No giving out "hacking info" which is really cracking info. This means any info used for the purpose of harm to another person's computer or web accounts. This includes info on how to crash rooms. This is not the room for that and we do not want it to get the reputation as such.

6. No multiple memberships. If you need to be in the room with 2 different names, use the same number for both.

7. Wear the tag properly or don't wear it at all. If you must wear another room's tag, ours goes first or don't wear it. We are all part of an array. That is the way the tag was designed. When worn properly, we all line up real nice. When you try to decorate the tag, or use other characters that don't belong, or another tag first, you are in effect a JavaScript error in need of correction. We would rather you not wear the tag at all, than be an error. We don't require you to wear it, it's an OPTION. But if you are going to wear it, please do it right.

8. Try to help anyone that enters if you can. That is what this room is for. Friends helping friends. We are all friends, even if we are strangers and it is the first time someone is in the room. And treat people that need help with dignity. We are not born knowing this stuff. Refer to this link to know how to help people properly:

9. Members are not allowed to enter other rooms with the express intent to harrass or insult that room or the people that are members of it. This means no going into the script kiddie rooms to cause trouble by insulting their knowledge or lack of it. You are more than welcome to educate them all, if you want, but don't start a war between rooms.