Available in 2 varieties for both WinMX 3.31 and WinMX 3.53. This plugin allows you to stop uploading and control them manually.

A chat client for the Ares network.

UPDATED 02/07/2005
All new package...some new tools and some updated versions of old favorites.

UPDATED 09/21/2004
Now contains version 0.8 of Amp2MX and an improved toolbar.

UPDATED 09/05/2004
This is an important security update!
All users should download new version.


This is a handy toolbar containing some plugins from this site and can be customized to include any tools you use on a regular basis.

Updated: May 2, 2005

Lots of new features added!

A simple WinMX chat client based on DraconisMX that is small enough to fit on a floppy, with built in WinAmp plugin.
This is the chat client you want if you need to connect direct to a room without being connected to the WPN

UPDATED 09/21/2004
Now version 0.8


This is a plugin for displaying the currently playing song in Winamp in a chatroom. Other features are included.

Remote administration tool for Ares. Allows you to have multiple admins in a chatroom

A lightweight chat client for the Ares network.

A plugin for Ares that will allow you to type in color without having to repeatedly enter the same color code over & over. Available in your choice of 14 colors.

UPDATED 02/07/2005
Purely a cosmetic fix.


A window with lots of buttons for holding shortcuts to frequently used programs. The buttons will show the icons that are embedded in the .exe file associated with each button. The goal of this program is to get most of the shortcuts that clutter up your desktop off and replaced with just one shortcut.

Chatbot for WinMX. This is the famous KrishBOT, the bot you love to hate (or hate to love).

Very small clock that can be placed over the titlebar and always stays on top.Available in your choice of 10 colors and a large size version.

Important update issued 09/18/2004


Chat only client for WinMX

Right now, this is nothing more than a very simple MP3 player. It requires no installing and is small enough to fit on a floppy. You can load one entire folder of MP3's at a time. It will display the path of the folder loaded, any tag information found in the file, and the progress of the file playing.

Developement tool that allows multiple programmers to work on the same source code together over the internet.

Remote administration tool for WinMX 3.31. Allows you to have multiple admins in a chatroom.

Important update issued 09/05/2004


Plugin to allow you to send a link or snip of text to a chatroom by double clicking it's entry.

Search plugins for Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox browsers

This patch was written to fix a problem some people have with missing sounds after installing/upgrading MSN Messenger. It adds the missing registry entries, allowing the user to set the sounds associated with events in MSN Messenger.

This is a toolbar that includes a popular Winamp feature for displaying the song playing in a chatroom, as well as the ability to log a chat, and a few other things.

Very small clock that can be placed over the titlebar and always stays on top.

Chat only client for Ares.

UPDATED 02/07/2005
Adds a few more language features and fixes an issue cause by Systran changing their website


One way translation in a chatroom. Allows you to speak in a foreign language.

UPDATED 02/07/2005
Improved the Find & Replace just a bit.


Attractive notepad replacement.

A tool for displaying all the running processes on your computer either in a chatroom or in notepad. Useful for help rooms if someone suspects a virus, trojan, or spyware on their system. When used on 9x systems, it displays full path to each process.

Winamp plugin for displaying the currently playing song in WinMX 3.31.

Allows you to protect the visiters of your WinMX 3.31 chatroom from crashing due to the RTF exploit, being annoyed by KM's Chat Attack, Poison Nushi, and a few other things. Makes the person attempting to cause mischief look like a total idiot.