Welcome to the TSC Museum

We are chat club located on WinMX dedicated to helping each other with computer problems, programming issues, and web design issues. We welcome all skill levels from beginner to expert, amature to professional. Anyone with a desire to learn or help is welcome as long as they don't intend on using their knowledge for harming others. We are a room of people teaching themselves and mentors that care about us. We are more than friends. We are like family. It is a special kind of magic not often found on the internet.

This website was restored for the purpose of sharing the legacy of what was once a great room with the rest of the world.

We had many projects that members worked on that are located within the archives of this website. All software here is unsupported unless expressly stated otherwise by its author(s).



Try our Webchat

The room is currently on IRC:

Server: irc.rizon.net
Channel: #CoderzInc


Download a free IRC client: XChat

You may also join the room on WinMX (we are back!):

üüü The SourceCode üüü_20EE58488F5B



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