Why do they call me App? Contrary to what people may think, the nickname "App" has nothing to do with programming, it is not short for "application".

My real first name is April.

It seems that people don't think my name is short enough and they desire to make it even shorter. In the US, when you shorten my name, it ends up being pronounced "Ape" a gorilla or chimpanzee. It's rather insulting, if you think about it. That is why a friend of mine changed how she pronounced it to App. Others soon followed and it became my real life nickname.

This happened long before I ever even saw a computer.

When I was 14, back in 1980, I took a short class in BASIC programming. It wasn't long enough to really learn anything much, but it was long enough for me to find out this was what I wanted to do.

The first day of class was amazing. It was as if some cosmic force leaped out from the keyboard, when I touched it, and took me over from the inside. It was at that moment I knew that this was for me.

But soon things happened in my life that were not so good and I had to pack away that dream and not think about it for many years.

I didn't even own a computer till about 6 years ago.

One day my father showed up at my house with his old P1 computer and handed it to me saying "Here, you need this." I thought he was nuts. He meant more that my daughter needed it for her education, than me.

Little did he know what an impact it would have on my life.

This was followed by a crash course in Windows (no pun intended) and then he left. I called him about an hour later to ask him how to turn the damn thing off.

I spent the next month trying to figure out how to get it online. It had some issues and wouldn't work right with just about every service provider I tried. I learned a lot trying to fix the problems that computer had and the old feelings started coming back. I was meant to be at a computer. It was my destiny, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Then about six months later my father showed up with another computer and took back the old P1. This was meant to be a birthday gift to my daughter.

That P3 had issues too, like a defective modem, and it almost drove me nuts with the modem constantly disconnecting me till I got a replacement one.

One day my daughter started playing at a game site called Neopets. The flash games there were kind of cool. She had a bit of a problem solving a puzzle game and asked me for help. She got me hooked on their games.

They have user areas that you can customize with HTML. I started learning HTML and CSS in order to make my areas look better.

That was when the coding bug really bit me. The more HTML & CSS I learned, the more I wanted to do. It lead to me building my first website, which still exists today, although it doesn't look anything like it did in the very beginning.

I started hanging out in WinMX chatrooms and that was where I met Renko. His enthusiasm for programming is infectious. He makes everyone he meets want to become a programmer. And he encourages and nurtures those that decide to give it a try. It was in this environment that I found my home and online family.

I met a young programming student, that hung out in the WinMX chatrooms, known as Krishean. I asked him to make me a simple desktop clock and he did. Only he has absolutely no sense of style and the clock didn't really look like the image I had given him of what I wanted it to look like. In fact, his clock was quite ugly looking. (sorry Krish but you know it's true)

This was about the time that I discovered Delphi.

In the Delphi programming section of, they have beginner tutorials that are very easy to follow. They also mentioned that there was a free personal version of Delphi that you can download and Borland will give you a free key to go with it. All you had to do was fill out a short survey and set up a user account. So I did this and installed Delphi.

The first day it was installed, I discovered a tutorial in the help files for making your own Notepad program, which I followed. Then I started experimenting, discovering ways to change things to make it how I wanted it to be. The feeling I had inside when I was finished can't be compared to any known high from any known was that good. It's quite addictive and I had to have more.

So I went back to and started looking around and discovered some things that would make it possible for me to make that clock I had asked Krishean to make for me, only I could make it look just how I originally wanted it to. That was DClock 1.

By the way, my dad gave me back the old P1, and it was a good thing he did since the P3 had a very short life. All the programs on this site were made on that old P1.

There have been many that have inspired me to keep learning, encouraging me to keep trying when I get frustrated, and to just not give up. And many that have helped me along the way. Most of these people don't know just how they mean to me or how much their words and actions have effected me.

This is where I take the time to thank them by name. (in alphabetical order, sorted with AlphaSort) If I have forgotten anyone, it wasn't intentional, and this list is subject to change with more names being added in the future.

  • #delphi on efnet
  • #donationcoder on efnet
  • Boki (Bozana)
  • BugHunter
  • cn28h
  • Dale (Visa)
  • Dan (my dad)
  • Dayna
  • Dik
  • DiOne
  • Fredo
  • Jacob (Aston)
  • Jeremy (Violent Ed)
  • Ken
  • Krishean
  • KungFooFairy
  • Martin
  • Mike (Hollowlife)
  • mitm
  • mouser
  • Mr Matt
  • nudone
  • Ranma
  • Remul
  • Renko (multi)
  • Riddle Box
  • Shahid
  • Shrike
  • Stephenie
  • Vladd

I would also like to thank all the people that helped by testing my programs, spotting bugs for me to fix, and suggesting new features to add. You know who you are. Your help has been very valuable to me.

So here I am, a 40 year old woman with a dream and a mission. And if you download my software, and like it, and use it, I will have accomplished part of my goals.